Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright:
All designs are Copyright Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs or are licensed by Joli Creations & Designs. All rights are reserved. Designs are not to be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means without our prior written permission. This includes artwork and designs created for you by Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs. The client is responsible for ensuring that any material you ask to include in your stationery does not breach any third party copyright, and you indemnify Joli Creations & Designs against any action brought against us in the event of any such breach. We reserve the right to use any stationery we create for you the client to promote our products and services. All stationery will be produced and printed inserting - © Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs on the back of designs.

2. Liability:
Some of Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs’s cards are not suitable for children. We therefore state in all instances that these stationery and card designs are not toys and should not be handled by children.

3. Materials Used To Produce:
Our stationery is handmade, there may be slight variations in each item. All materials are subject to availability; however any changes to the proposed materials will be discussed with you the client before your invitations are produced. Furthermore, Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs cannot guarantee continuity of colour/materials especially if separate orders are placed for the same stationery design. If the product specifications from our suppliers change, Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs will offer an alternative of the same or better quality at the same price as your initial order.

4. Wording:
Text for invitations should be typed clearly in a Microsoft Word document or emailed to Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs, or choose one of our options. Please type in upper and lower case as required. Guest lists and addresses should be provided as a list in either a Word document. Please make sure this is correct. Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs is not responsible for typing, spelling or other errors in the text you have supplied.

5. Proofing:
Proofs of all items containing text will be submitted to you before stationery goes into production. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of these proofs before confirming your acceptance before stationery can be produced. When proofs have been submitted to you via e-mail you may confirm that proofs are correct and ready to print via email. This will be taken as your agreement that the proofs are correct, and any changes to the design after this stage may incur additional costs and be charged to your final invoice. We will provide you with up to 2 sets of proofs allowing changes to sample. Additional changes/proofs are charged accordingly. Once your emailed approval or signed samples to print has been received we will send your order to print. If you make any changes to your proofs after your approval to print has been received you will be charged accordingly. Papertereie by Joli Creations & Designs cannot be responsible for any errors in your stationery not spotted by you at the proofing stage.

6. Payment:
After payment has been recieved The deposit for each order is 50% of the entire order. The deposit is due upon signing of quote. Designs will not begin without a deposit. The deposit will be applied to the total amount due for the order. The deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance must be paid in full before sending to print.

7. Placing an Order
When you place an order, you should receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order. 

We only accept your order once payment has been approved and we have debited the payment card (and then the contract is made based on these terms).

You may be able to cancel (not change) your order within a short period of ordering – timings depend on your chosen delivery method (and will be set out in the acknowledgement email). You can’t change your order – you’ll need to cancel (and/or return original items), and re-order.